Johannes Hoppe

I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it.

Edgar Allan Poe

As a developer, I have faith in Open Source, and the powerful opportunity it offers for society.

As a design thinker, I know that innovation isn't all about sticky notes and clever ideas, but hard work and passion.

As a human being, I dream about venturing into space and exploring the unknown.

Never let your schooling interfere with your education.

Mark Twain

Full name: Johannes Hoppe

Born: Nov. 19, 1988 in Brandenburg (Havel), Germany

Work Experience

2014–today Senior Software Engineer, Thermondo
2012–today Founder & Managing Partner, Veerkant
2011–2014 IT-Systems Consultant (Freelancer), IVT, Cabig, FZBBMedia
2013 Consulting Design Thinker, B.A.U.M., HPI School of Design Thinking
2012 Quality Engineer (Freelancer), Telekom Innovation Laboratories
2009–2011 Systems Administrator, Hasso Plattner Ventures


2011–2012 Advanced Design Thinking, VNR AG, HPI School of Design Thinking
2011 Basic Design Thinking, Breuninger Stiftung, HPI School of Design Thinking
2008–2013 IT-Systems Engineering, Hasso Plattner Institut, University of Potsdam
2008 Allgemeine Hochschulreife, CJD Christophorus Gymnasium Versmold


native speaker
7 years work experience
5 years university experience


Voice Training
8 years
5 years


Mensa International
(high IQ society)

It's wonderful what we can do if we're always doing.

George Washington

Johannes is an ambitious, analytic, and at the same time a creative person who's able to reliably execute time-critical tasks and manage complex situations.
He is a valuable asset to any high power team.

Dr. Rouven Westphal (Managing Director @ Hasso Plattner Capital)

Es ist immer gut, wenn man weiß, dass man sich auf bestimmte Leute verlassen kann.

Dr. Dirk Barchmann (CEO @ Institut für Verhaltenstherapie)

Johannes was an extremely valuable and pleasant team member. He is highly skilled and quickly familiarizes himself with new IT technologies.
He was very committed to the project, solved urgent and important issues without the need for supervision and willingly took on new responsibilities.

Dr. Philipp Offermann (Product Manager @ Telekom Innovation Labs)

Wer nicht neugierig ist, erfährt nichts!

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Johannes Hoppe
Lennéstr. 19
D-14469 Potsdam


P: +49 331 2812 9869 1
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